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We support ambitious and modern housing. We design and make installations that are to be practical, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Our services include – photovoltaics, heat pumps, recuperation, “smart home” solutions – allowing for an efficient, cross-linked home installation system.

Connecting the house to renewable energy sources is profitable and responsible. It is worth doing now.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and contact us in order to select the optimal installations for your needs.


Photovoltaic (PV) panels allow to generate electricity from a free source - the sun. It can be used to power home appliances. The energy production is then environmentally friendly, it is also "our own", i.e. produced independently of the power plant and the prices dictated by it. The PV installation consists of photovoltaic cells, combined into modules and photovoltaic panels. The panels are mounted on supporting structures (on sloping and flat roofs or on the ground). As a result of the photovoltaic phenomenon, solar energy is converted into direct current. The inverter is used to convert direct current to alternating current. In addition, it controls the work of the home photovoltaic installation (adjusts the current parameters to the home network, turns off the installation in the event of a failure, monitors the operation of the installation for the needs of additional analytics). Another element of the system is a bidirectional meter - it calculates the energy produced by the installation and the energy taken from the grid in case of shortages. Installations with a capacity of up to 10kWp in exchange for each 1kWh of excess energy supplied to the grid (e.g. in summer) can receive 0.8kWh from the grid free of charge (e.g. in winter).

Thanks to photovoltaic panels:

  • you will lower your electricity bills
  • will be independent and will protect yourself against energy price increases
  • will make an investment that increases the value of your property
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A method of heating that recovers energy naturally stored in the air or the ground. The electricity consumed during the operation of the pump is several times lower than the heat energy obtained as a result of its operation. Heat pumps enable operation in two modes - heating and cooling. The fan coil unit used in the installation can distribute the chill obtained thanks to the heat pump, without the need to install two separate systems - heating and air conditioning. Heat pumps - also provide domestic hot water. Air source heat pumps do not require any connections, chimney construction or earthworks, so they do not interfere with the plot around the building. There is no need to store fuel. A properly installed and serviced pump does not lose its efficiency for a long time and is an automated, virtually maintenance-free device. It works best in modern heating systems, e.g. underfloor heating. It is recommended to use heat pumps with a photovoltaic installation or solar collectors.Powietrzne pompy ciepła nie wymagają wykonywania przyłączy, budowy komina, ani robót ziemnych, nie ingerują więc w działkę wokół budynku. Nie ma w ich przypadku potrzeby przechowywania paliwa. Odpowiednio zainstalowana i serwisowana pompa nie traci wydajności przez długi czas i jest zautomatyzowanym, właściwie bezobsługowym urządzeniem. Najlepiej sprawdza się w nowoczesnych systemach grzewczych, np. ogrzewania podłogowego. Zaleca się stosowanie pomp ciepła wraz instalacją fotowoltaiczną lub kolektorami słonecznymi.

What for and why?

  • source of “clean” energy – energy accumulated in the air or soil is used for heating
  • the pumps work automatically, which makes them very convenient
  • they can function as the only heat source or cooperate with the existing heating device
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Energy recovery ventilation

Energy recovery ventilation (ERV, recuperation) is a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery. It is based on the movement of air produced by a recuperator (ERV ventilator). In addition, it cleans the air of pollutants, allergens and moisture (only clean air is allowed into the house). It also limits the cooling of the house. While the heat loss of the building can be reduced by increasing the thickness of the walls or the quality of the insulation, the reduction of heat losses caused by traditional ventilation of rooms requires other solutions. A certain hygienic amount of fresh air is needed at home. Heat losses caused by the action of gravity ventilation (chimneys, grilles and ventilation ducts) amount to 60% of the total energy loss in well-insulated buildings. Therefore, rational energy management in a modern home suggests the use of modern mechanical ventilation.

  • possible energy recovery with an efficiency of up to 95%
  • air stream control – smooth regulation and programming of ventilation intensity at particular times of the day, for individual days of the week
  • air treatment (filtration, heating, humidification)
  • increasing the comfort in the building by providing fresh air at the right temperature
  • proper use eliminates the problem of damp walls, mold and fungi
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Smart home

"Smart home" integrates various devices and systems installed in the house and allows you to control them from the touch panel at home, or remotely using a mobile application on the phone. Possibility to integrate: light, heating, roller shutters, intercom, entrance gate, ERV/ recuperator, air conditioning, monitoring cameras or TV.

Smart home benefits:

  • savings – you equip the house with sensors and automation that optimizes energy consumption
  • security – you control what is happening in your home, even when you are at work or abroad
  • convenience – you control lighting, heating, roller shutters or the garden watering system via the application
  • comprehensive solution – the possibility of integration with a recuperation system, heat pump, monitoring/ alarm system
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Rain water

The collection of rainwater is based on the collection of water, primarily from roofs. The rainwater is stored in dedicated tanks and pumped to the installation in the house or garden.

Application: (I) used for a washing machine, flushing toilets or washing a car; (II) water for watering the garden; (III) systems to get rid of rainwater from the plot.

Benefits: saving up to 50% of drinking water; lower pressure during the peak load period; less need for fresh water supplies; the use of soft rainwater extends the life of the water-based home appliances.

Gray water recovery

Gray water is mainly runoff from washing machines, showers, bathtubs and washbasins. This is water that has been used previously, with a low degree of pollution. After the filtration and cleaning processes, it can be safely reused to supply water to appliances such as a toilet, washing machine or even a garden sprinkler. It can visibly reduce the consumption of tap water and reduce the costs associated with sewage collection.

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